Many have heard of the 2008 honeytrap killer case, where 15-year old Samantha Joseph lured her then-boyfriend Shakilus Townsend to his death. The teen, who was madly in love with Townsend's arch nemesis Dann McLean, agreed to set him up. The latter resulted in Shakilus being attacked by a group of masked men, which included Danny McLean. Shakilus Townsend was stabbed repeatedly and left to bleed to death, crying out "Mummy, mummy, mummy...I don't want to die." The ordeal turned the nation upside down and led to a public outcry surrounding gang violence and honey-trapping. The story was also the subject of the 2014 movie Honeytrap, starring Jessica Sula as Joseph (Split) and Lucien Laviscount as McLean (The Bye Bye Man).

It has now been 10 years since the tragic event and Joseph has served her mandatory sentence. As such, reports by the Daily Mail indicate the now 25-year old will be shipped back to her home country of Trinidad. A close source told the news outlet Mirror: "At least she's not been able to stay here after committing such a terrible crime." This is despite the parole board reviewing Joseph's case and noticing a behavioral change, they believed her to still be a threat considering her initial offense and insist on prioritizing public safety.