Congresswoman Maxine Waters is someone who's definitely known for fighting for the underdog. She's made her opinion vocal about the Trump administration's views on the healthcare system, as well as the President's controversial comments about minority groups when he was in the middle of his election campaign this past November. In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, Waters explains that she doesn't believe in silencing voices who go against what the establishment says, especially when it comes to rap music.

"I was one of the first defenders of rap music, even when it was gangster music," she said. "I thought it was creative and I thought it opened up a whole new economic opportunity for black people." ... "I had to up against [those] who were trying to censor rap music [...] I think censorship is unconstitutional," she added. "I think it's a way of quieting voices that maybe people in power don't want to hear [...] I don't believe in censorship of any kind." Waters also spoke about meeting Tupac Shakur, becoming close with the rapper's mother and finding something so tender and sweet at the heart of a man who, at the height of his popularity, was the poster boy for the gangster image in the hip-hop world.

The conversation really is an illuminating one, as Waters talks music, politics and giving a voice to those who need it most. Watch the whole conversation below.