H.E.R. born Gabi Wilson is ending the year on quite a strong note. The "Focus" singer just reeled in five Grammy awards for album of the year, best new artist, best R&B performance, best R&B song, and best R&B album. "It took me a second to register. And I started crying and everybody was going crazy. We were all screaming and crying. It was a moment to be surrounded by my band and the people I love. To get that news, it was so much at one time," Gabi said of the recognition

In other great news regarding the artist, she paid a visit to NPR's Tiny Desk to perform some of her beloved tracks for a lucky, intimate audience. While playing the guitar with a backing band, Gabi performed “Going (Interlude),” “Hard Place," “Feel A Way” and “Focus.” As always, Gabi killed her set and proved just why she pulled in so many nominations this year.  

"[...] I didn't even drop an album," Gabi added of her nominations. "It's my project, it's my two EPs together and it's not even an album. It was literally a "It's time for me to drop music. I finally realized who I was. Let me just see what happens" [kind of thing]. Then, two years later, a sold-out tour and five Grammy nominations."

Watch her full NPR performance below.