Hender Scheme is a Japanese company specializing in high end hand-constructed leather shoes. In addition to designing their own shoes, they are most known for flipping iconic silhouettes from Vans to New Balance to Yeezy Boots with extremely fine leather. They call this practice and line “Manual Industrial Products,” speaking to their exercise in deconstructing and re-constructing shoes that are mass produced in a factory by hand. The result? Extremely sturdy and well balanced construction that you will not find on any of the shoes they are mimicking.

A favorite among Hender Scheme fans is the MIP10, a reconstruction of the Air Jordan 4. There’s only been one color – “natural” – for a few years now, but the brand has just unveiled a blacked out version of the same sneaker. It still features all the same butter soft leather and fantastic proportions, but in all black.

Because these kicks are hand constructed, there are not many of them and they are quite expensive, retailing for upwards of a rack. However, if you’re gonna blow the bank on a pair of kicks, these are just as good an investment as anything created by a rapper. Especially since these have a true welted sole, which can be replaced for added longevity.