Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein has been taking his share of L's lately, proving that karma may very well be more than a concept. Not only has Weinstein been shunned by his peers, stripped of his position at The Weinstein Company, and dissed by basically every actor in Hollywood, but now, he's catching some hands from the Scottsdale community. TMZ originally reported that Harvey Weinstein was dining at the Elements restaurant in Scottsdale's Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort, while two men sat at a table next to him.

One of the men, referred to only as Steve, told TMZ that he tried to get a picture with Weinstein, under the guise of an adoring fan. He claimed that Harvey was "belligerent," a claim reportedly disputed by the restaurant's manager, who claimed Weinstein was "sweet" about the refusal. Afterward, Weinstein and Steve allegedly shook hands and sat back at their respective tables. Later on, however, Steve was gone off the sauce, and apparently told Weinstein "you're such a piece of s*** for what you did to these women," before delivering the disrespectful double-slap. 

TMZ has provided video of the attack, which you can catch below. While it has yet to be confirmed, some have been speculating that Harvey immediately flashed back to Dame Dash's face, while Cam'Ron's laughter echoed throughout his subconscious. After all, the Dipset rapper previously alluded to a time when Dame slapped Harvey Weinstein during the Paid In Full days; while it's still a rumor, it stands to reason that plenty of people have probably wanted to slap Harvey Weinstein, especially in the wake of his recent scandals.