Hailey Baldwin, I mean Bieber, has made things Instagram official. The relationship between Hailey and Justin Bieber has been on an upward spiral since the beginning of the year. Rumors that the two had wed began to circulate online after they were spotted at a courthouse soon after the engagement. Hailey shrugged off the rumors, and the world was left to believe that the two were still engaged. Then, Alec Baldwin confirmed that his niece had gotten married, causing the couple's fans to go wild. 

Most recently, Justin hopped on Instagram to post a picture of him and Hailey together. "My wife is awesome," was the caption he chose to describe the picture, furthering confirming the marriage. As if that wasn't enough, Hailey has now officially changed her last name to Bieber on Instagram

There is no trace of "Baldwin" left, as Hailey opted to ditch the hyphenated trend that some women with memorable or powerful last names seem to follow. According to TMZHailey filed to get her new full name trademarked, which means she's very serious about branding herself from here on out. Expect Hailey Bieber merchandise to be the next trending fashion line or makeup brand.