Gunplay is back in action since recently being released off house arrest. He's still awaiting trial, which is in February, and will determine whether or not the MMG rapper has to serve time for his robbery charges. However, he's not letting these legal troubles stop him from getting out new music to his fans. The other week he released a mixtape, Cops N Robbers, and now he's prepping the release of another tape, his Bogota mixtape. 

The rapper recently spoke to XXL about being on a major label and working with Rick Ross, as well as his impending Bogota mixtape and his album which will follow, Medellin.

Gunplay says when he does drop Bogota, it means his album is going to soon follow. He also says Bogota, unlike Cops N Robbers, will be all original records. "Man, I’ve been promoting Bogota for damn near a year [Laughs]. When I drop that, that’s when you’re gonna know my album comin’ because it’s all gonna be original tracks. Records that I [already] recorded for my album now, I’m gonna put them for Bogota, for my mixtape, just to say fuck it. Then make a whole new batch now that [I’m off] house arrest and really get back to work."

He continues to compare what he wants to do with his much-delayed Bogota tape to Drake's mixtapes: "Remember how Drake did it?" Gunplay asked, "His mixtape sounded like an album? He had all them dope features and shit, like, “God damn—what the fuck?!” That’s how my shit gonna sound. Big production, big features, a straight-up masterpiece."

The Triple C's rapper also spoke on what it feels like to sign to Def Jam, however, solo and not with his group members. "Accomplished, halfway," Gunplay says of the deal. "A nigga been doing this for a while. I don’t put much expectation out there, so when it doesn’t happen, I don’t feel bad—you know what I’m sayin’? I just follow my dreams and keep hope alive and all that, but I never really thought this shit was gonna really pan out. A nigga’s just gonna find a way to really eat out here, one way or another. This is an industry where a lot of fuck niggas get deals and after a while you just say, “You know what—fuck it, I’m just not gonna get a deal because I’m not a fuck nigga.” [Laughs] So then, I kind of gave up, like, “I’m just gonna keep it in these streets. If I can make $10–15,000 a month just in these streets, just off of little shit, I’ll do it, man.” But then all that work caught up to a nigga, then a nigga got a deal and I felt accomplished. Like, “Hey, mom—look!” I now can call my mom and tell her something good went down. [Laughs]"

He also spoke on his plans for Medellin, which he says he doesn't want to overthink. "When I did those first preliminary records, I was just doing it, capturing the moment. Just putting it on record. But when I do my album, I don’t want to overthink it, but I just want to sit down and really create. I don’t want too many features, I want that shit to just be great music by itself and [then add the] features later."

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