Since his joyous return after nearly three years of confinement, it seems like Gucci Mane has been dropping something new just about every day. This week alone, he's released a collab with Migos, another with Thugger along with an accompanying video, one more with Peewee Longway, and two new solo tracks. He's already given the game plenty to clamor about, but the biggest event of his summer-long homecoming party will be the release of his new album, Everybody Looking. Late last night, he shared the album's intro track, the fittingly titled Mike Will-produced "No Sleep," and today, Wop has provided his fans with an opportunity to get their hands on his album before its July 22 release date. 

Going on Instagram today to show off the healthy physique he sculpted whilst in prison as well as his newly purchased billion dollar smile, Gucci offered a challenge to his fans. If they can help him attain 3 million followers on Instagram, then he might be inclined to leak Everybody Looking in its entirety. "I need my Instagram to go to 3 million before my album drops," Gucci tells the camera. "If it does, then I might leak my whole album. I'm feeling just kind of, you know, like, spontaneous right now...I'm lookin' motherfuckin' spontaneous too." 

As of now, Gucci currently has 1.9 million followers, so his goal is to get another 1.1 million in the next week. Think he's capable of amassing such a large following in a 7-day span? Regardless, hopefully by this time next Friday, we'll be sitting on Everybody Looking, which is sounding like it'll be a worthy return statement from Atlanta's most influential living artist.