Since being arrested in September 2013, Gucci Mane has been spending his time behind bars. While he's managed to release hundreds of songs from his large cache while incarcerated, he's yet to partake in an interview.

While he seems to be having a hard time getting on the phone, Guwop has advertised a mailing address on his Twitter account, suggesting he will answer fan mail as he receives it. As far as we can see, writing seems to be the best way to contact the rapper at this point.

Today, XXL unveiled a new feature which turns Gucci's fan mail into an advice column, calling it "Ask Gucci". According to the publication, they've been in touch with Gucci, and will be forwarding him questions on a weekly basis.

The rapper tells one fan to let his 35-year-old struggle rapper friend pursue his dreams, even if they don't seem plausible.

I am a 35-year-old rapper myself and I am at the best stage in my career and I think though your friend may not be a great rapper, if he is a great hustler and promoter, he still can find success. So let him pursue his dreams. Who is he hurting by trying to do something he finds is fun and he is passionate about?

Read the rest of the Q&A over at XXL, and stay tuned for more Guwop wisdom in the coming weeks.