It looks like matters have gotten worse for Gucci LeFleur as he was denied an early release from prison and served with a civil lawsuit today.

Last week, news broke that Gucci Mane had not been released from prison, contrary to 1017 Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame's claims. Now, it looks like the things get worse for Gucci LeFleur, as he was denied early release and hit with a civil suit earlier today.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a DeKalb County judge denied the Atlanta rapper an ear;y end to his current six-month sentence for battery. Gucci's lawyer had apparently proposed to the court that his client's sentence be cut in half in return for a benefit concert on behalf of the DeKalb County Battered Women's Shelter.

Minutes following the first announcement, the rapper was hit with a civil lawsuit by the victim of his April assault case. According to the court record, the plaintiff had identified the rapper by his now-infamous ice cream cone tattoo.

In addition to serving his full six month sentence, Gucci Mane is ordered to complete 12 weeks of anger management upon his release, as well as pay $5,091 of medical bills and a $3,000 fine.