Harmony Korine's off-the-wall crime caper, “Spring Breakers” has been garnering some attention from the hip-hop community through it's co-starring role from Gucci Mane, as well as it's alleged homage to Houston rapper/internet personality RiFF RAFF. The youtube celebrity who also goes by “Jody Highroller” has been parading the opinion that the film's main character, played by James Franco, is actually based on Mr. RAFF himself.

"Although there is only one Riff Raff, James Franco did his thing," said Jody, complimenting the celebrated actor's performance. "James Franco has diligently studied my style for months on end and he should win a Grammy.", he added confidently.

Gucci Mane, who makes his acting debut in the film, is not so convinced that RiFF RAFF played such an integral role. "Truthfully he lying,", Gucci told XXL. The Trap God acknowledged the similarity of Franco's character, but thought it merely coincidental. “I think Riff Raff’s just trying to gain some attention. And I think maybe [Franco] may favor a little bit his appearance, but it don’t have anything to do with the artist named Riff Raff. I know that for a fact."

Franco himself has also denied the assumption that he jacked RiFF RAFF's look and personality for the role. While he admittedly cycled through some of Jody's videos, Franco says his primary influence came from the more obscure Floridian rapper, Dangerous.