Former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested in Texas for possession of cocaine back in September and today video footage from the arrest was released to the public.

According to ESPN, Hardy was originally pulled over for failing to signal a left turn at which point he allowed police to search his vehicle. Upon searching the car, cops found a small, plastic bag of cocaine in his Louis Vuitton wallet which was sitting on the center console, as well as a weed grinder. 

When officers questioned Hardy about the bag of blow, he said somebody must have put it in his wallet.

"I just got a job, I play football. I was at a party. I got drunk. Literally last night...I was at a mixer with NFL guys trying to do an interview. Like I said, I don't know what happened between me and him, he could've slipped stuff in my pocket. Some people offered me some stuff...I literally don't know what is in that. Whatever it is. I haven't even seen it. I thought that I had nothing in the car."

According to Fox4News, Hardy reached a plea agreement in the cocaine case to reduce the charges from a felony to a "misdemeanor with some strict conditions" allowing him to avoid prison time.

He didn't sign a deal with any team prior to last season and is now pursuing an MMA career.

Check out the arrest footage below.