The Marvel movie universe has amassed just over $4 billion in revenue since its inception in 2008. According to MarketWatchGrand Theft Auto V, which originally debuted in 2013, has just hit the $6 billion mark. How does a game that was released five years ago still sit high on gaming charts worldwide? By including a story mode that features three of the most memorable video game characters the series has ever released (which is a feat in itself), implementing addicting online play, and letting users do whatever the hell they want. 

Grand Theft Auto V closed out 2017 as the sixth best-selling video game in America. The popular yet insanely violent video game has sold over 90 million units to date. To put that into perspective, everyone living on the island of Manhattan would have to buy the game almost eleven times. The PlayStation 3 console holds the most GTA V players, claiming 38.2 percent of gamers. PS4 holds 27.4 percent of gamers, followed by the Xbox 360, which garnered 25.5 percent of gamers.

Speaking with MarketWatch, analyst Evan Wingren stated, “Video games are a much better business than (movie) studios.Games in general have the enviable position that their content is interactive, which allows them to make data-driven insights and adjust games and business models that benefits players and the company.”