Warner Bros is planning on opening a full-scaled and immersive recreation of Gotham City in its upcoming amusement park based in Abu Dhabi. Warner Bros World, which is slated to open this summer, will be chock full of microcosmic worlds based off characters and popular franchises in their arsenal of cinematic and televisual productions. The most recognizable of-course will be that of Batman, whose section will definitely be a surefire hit with visitors. 

The entire world of Gotham as we know it will be represented in the theme park, beginning with a ride called "Batman: Knight Flight," which will take patrons through the bat cave and allow them to test drive the iconic Batmobile. Alongside this attraction, other rides include the "Riddler Revolution," which is being realized as a spinning roller coaster, alongside something being touted as the "Scarecrow Scare Raid." 

Food-wise, this version of Batman's home will be serving up a menu with items such as "Hall of Doom," "Mr Freeze Ice Scream Truck" and "Gotham City's Finest." 

The rest of the Justice League will also be given a chance in the spotlight with a section called "Metropolis." It will feature rides and attractions that directly relate to other well-known characters in the DC Universe, including Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and the Green Lantern. 

Check out the Warner Bros. website to peep this upcoming multi-part extravaganza in advance of its opening.