Google is gearing up to launch a Netflix-type platform, except for gamers. The tech company unveiled their plans for their new platform called Stadia earlier today. The gaming service doesn't have a console for it. Instead, Stadia will be able to work on any sort of television with Chromecast, computers with Google Chrome and Google's Pixel devices. No download is needed for the games. Users can simply stream their favorite video games over a Wi-Fi connection. The platform is set to launch later this year. 

Speculation that they were about to enter the video game industry began earlier this year. The announced Stadia at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

While they don't have a console that comes along with their platform, there is a Stadia Wi-Fi-connected controller that's set to release. The controller has a similar look to PlayStations but it does have two unique features on them. The controller includes two buttons -- one that connects to Google Assistant, and another one that captures highlights from the game and shares it on YouTube. 

Google's latest innovation arrives at the peak of popularity for live streaming. VP and GM Of Google, Phil Harrison, spoke to CNN about the new product, saying that it connects the worlds of YouTube and video games together. 

"One of the great things about Stadia is the power of linking the world of YouTube and game play together," said Harrison. "If I'm on YouTube and I'm a creator talking about NBA 2K, the latest basketball game, I can invite my fans, my audience [and] my subscribers to join me in that game."