Thanos has become recognized, dare I say beloved, throughout the globe. Despite having wiped out fifty-percent of the world's population, the so-called "Mad Titan" still managed to gain the begrudging respect of heartbroken Avengers fans. Now, with the culmination of his tale - the long-anticipated Avengers Endgame - having hit theatres today, Google has decided it's wiser to play it safe rather than sorry. As such, the search engine has made sure to pay homage to the Mad Titan by way of clever and amusing easter egg.

Now, if you happen to search "Thanos" on Google, you'll bear witness to a miniature version of his Infinity Gauntlet. Should you happen to click it, you'll begin to see fifty-percent of your search results disappear before your eyes, in an on-brand puff of black dust. There's even dramatic music for added ambiance. Thankfully, the search results don't tearfully cry out "Mr. Stark!" upon deletion. 

Check out the Easter Egg now, and catch Avengers: Endgame at a theatre near you.