After footage from the upcoming Avengers flick appeared online, fans of the franchise started to turn off their phones in hopes that the spoilers completely disappear. The directors of the film issued a statement, urging everybody to keep quiet about Endgame until everybody has gotten a chance to watch it, reducing the unfortunate reality of plot points being ruined before we even step into the theatre. With the hype surrounding this movie, it will be difficult to avoid any spoilers but so far, Marvel and the actors have been tight-lipped. The Los Angeles premiere took place last night and the first batches of people have finally seen the 3-hour long extravaganza, praising it and speaking very highly of everybody involved. 

Fans, journalists and critics were in attendance as the Endgame finally played out on screen after Thanos destroyed much of the universe. As reported by Variety, many of the folks in the crowded theatre walked out with smiles on their faces, saying that the film is as "epic" as they would have expected. With the end in sight, we could definitely expect some emotional elements, with many noting that a few people in the audience were sobbing at parts. Rotten Tomatoes editor-in-chief Joel Meares kept things simple, telling fans that they will go "APESHIT" when they see it. Others have referred to the MCU culmination as the "best possible version of Avengers: Endgame and somehow the film still surpassed all expectations."

Even if you look deep, you're likely to find almost exclusively positive reviews. The film will officially premiere later this week. Are you excited?