Being hailed as the best video game in the God of War series is no easy feat. Kratos has led gamers on some of the most epic adventures of all time throughout his time as Sony's most brutal and engaging star character. I have always been a Nintendo and Xbox player, but after playing the first God of War at a friend's house almost four years after its initial release, I went and bought a PlayStation 2 from a pawn shop just to play the first two titles at home. Then, when God of War III dropped, I planted myself at my homie's house to use his PlayStation 3 to play the game. There has been no game series that offers epic boss battles and an engaging and suspenseful story that satisfies gamers bloodlust better than the God of War series... and this is coming from an Xbox One gamer. 

The latest entry in the series, simply titled God of War, is a soft reboot that takes Kratos out of his normal Greek setting and instead places him against Nordic deities. God of War is currently one of the best-reviewed games of all time. Metacriticwhich aggregates reviews of media products in the same method Rotten Tomatoes takes scores from all over the web to find an average, currently has the game sitting at 95%. That is based on dozens of perfect reviews from trusted entertainment sites such as IGN, Polygon, The Guardian and Giant Bombwhich all gave the game a perfect score. Game Informer and Gamespot gave God of War near perfect reviews, which stopped it from reaching an aggregated perfect score.

Pick this game up. If you don't have a PlayStation 4, do what I am going to do and cop one. Trust me.