As we all know, thanks to Beyoncé, today is the Anti-Trump Women's March in Washington. Thousands of people have flocked to D.C. to participate in the march and be in the presence of iconic artists as they make their voices heard to create positive awareness for equality.

In addition to artists like Beyoncé, Janelle Monáe, Maxwell, Katy Perry, a myriad of other influential people are in attendance at the event and delivering speeches. While these are all big names in the entertainment industry, one of the most iconic people of the Women's Rights and Social Justice movements of the 60's is turning the most heads with her speech today. That person is famed Journalist and social activist Gloria Steinem.

For a little background, Steinem was a columnist for New York Magazine and also founded Ms. Magazine. In 1969 she wrote an article titled "After Black Power, Women's Liberation" that brought her to national prominence. In short, it is only right for Steinem to speak at the Women's March today, and that she did with emphasis.

Though her speech had a bunch of noteworthy points to remark, the one in particular that stood out to us was her subliminal shot at Donald Trump through a recycled Drake lyric. In the clip below it appears that Drizzy either helped Steinem pen her speech or was on the journalist's mind when she wrote it because she straight up uses the Twitter fingers line of "Back To Back" to ether Trump.

You can check out the video clip below and decide for yourself. No matter if this is a weird coincidence or an intentional shade/shout out, it's so legendary and worth watching.

Drake might even have to change his mind and perform "Back To Back" one last time after this reference from Gloria (Da God) Steinem.