What a horrible week the world just had. It feels like a whole year played out in the span of just a couple of days. It all started when Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. This started a whole ripple effect in which the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and even autoracing was completely shutdown. Entire countries are going on lockdown so that they can stop the spread of COVID-19 and get back to everyday life, sooner rather than later.

With the lockdown in place, some NBA players appear to be bored out of their minds and don't know what to do with themselves. One of those players is none other than Giannis Antetokounmpo on the Milwaukee Bucks. Over the weekend, his significant other posted a video of him playing a horrible rendition of "Smoke On The Water" on acoustic guitar. Based on the caption, she is ready for the NBA to come back.

Quite honestly, Giannis is not very good at playing the guitar and if this is the hobby he's going to take up, it's best if he doesn't quit his day job. Regardless, Giannis has proven himself to be a fast learner so perhaps he can become the next Jimi Hendrix if he continues to give the guitar some time. 

Meanwhile, the NBA is looking at a best-case scenario of only returning once June comes around.