Giannis Antetokounmpo knows all about Drake and his courtside antics while he watched his Toronto Raptors this season. The Milwaukee Bucks ended up losing to the Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals and Giannis was the subject of a lot of chirps and ridicule. Well, during the NBA Awards show, Giannis was able to get his revenge as he was tasked with reacting to a video of Drake showing off his basketball skills. While Drake showed some promise with his shot, the Greek Freak had plenty of fodder to make fun of the artist with and it turned out to be quite entertaining.

“He looks like he’s out of shape," Giannis noted. As Drake continued to make shots, Antetokounmpo admitted that his jumper was decent but his defense was atrocious. He also talked about how the artist looks a lot like Fred VanVleet, except the Raptors shooter is "100 times better." It made for a pretty hilarious video, with Giannis comparing Drake to an older, more washed version of Brian Scalabrine, which is quite the indictment.

Drake probably doesn't care too much about what Giannis has to say as his Raptors were able to make the Greek Freak a non-factor in fourth quarters during the playoffs. At least next year, the recently crowned MVP will be able to exact his revenge.