Nate Robinson was annihilated by the likes of Jake Paul last Saturday in a match that immediately became the subject of a ton of memes. Everyone knew Paul was the better fighter coming into it but no one imagined him delivering such an incredible knockout. Many have noted that Robinson was simply unprepared to be in the ring and that if he wants a career in boxing, he will have to find himself a credible trainer.

There have been numerous offers on the table although Robinson is now getting yet another, this time from the likes of George Foreman. The legendary heavyweight was talking to TMZ recently when he revealed that he sees potential in Robinson and would like to train him.

"[Jake Paul] had too much talent for Nate Robinson. I'd like to get Nate down here for a few weeks and train him and get a rematch," Foreman said. "I can turn him into a 5, 6 round fighter in no-time flat. Make him do what I say. He may not want to box again, but I wouldn't want him to leave without doing a better show than he put on. You don't wanna go on like that.".

Foreman's offer is certainly one that should be considered, especially if Paul and Robinson have a rematch. For now, however, it seems like Paul is more focused on bigger fights with established combatants, such as Conor McGregor.