The always candid Game, stopped by the Howard Stern show and talked openly about a lot of topics.  Some of those included his view on Chris Brown after he was charged with domestic violence, and the Cali rapper defends Brown saying he has grown since the incident.  Talking about how his career started, he mentions how Dr. Dre discovered him, and rehashes his original beef with 50 Cent.

A lot of people judge Chris Brown for physically abusing Rihanna in 2009, but Game comes to his defense saying he was young and has learned from his mistakes, “I just figured they were young and that was just one of those Hollywood know what, he has changed, but I’m not him so I can’t speak for him.”

Detailing his life in the streets, the Compton native says he had to give up his gangbanging lifestyle in order to become successful in music, “I had to stop selling drugs to really focus and go around to these rap contests.” This ultimately lead to one of the greatest West Coast legends of all time coming across Game’s record, and signing him to his label, “I recorded a demo, and just it was floating around the city...and somehow it got to Dr. Dre.”

During his time coming up on the same label as 50 Cent, the two had at first become tight but eventually had a falling out.  Jayceon says this is because Fif’s ego was too big, “I think that 50, he had a problem with...he wanted to keep everybody in the group beneath him.  And when people started paying more attention to me and less to him he got angry.”  Which lead to the now infamous incident, “it came to gunshots, outside of Hot 97 in New York,” the Jesus Piece emcee adds. 

Check out video of Game talking about Chris Brown.