A Game of Thrones' fan theory is quickly picking up steam on Reddit, posted by a user operating under the handle "Applesoapp." Before I go any further in retracing their theory, be advised this post does contain SPOILERIFIC CONTENT, if you aren't up to speed with the latest GOT episode. I can't stress this enough. I already spent a portion of my day speculating on the ethics of a beatdown issued by a Domino's employee who had the ending of Avengers: Endgame spoiled by his co-worker.

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD, tread carefully.

The theory in question concerns the meaning behind Jon Snow's cursed staredown of an undead dragon in Episode 3 of this year's final season ("Long Night"). Applesoapp contends that Jon Snow merely yelled at the dragon in a crucial situation, akin to a martyr/hero taking a bullet for someone important. While there's no reason to buy into the theory outright, several clues bolstered the argument for "distraction."

As Applesoapp outlined in the thread, Jon Snow can be heard screaming "go, go, go," which the Applesoapp and those who champion the "distraction" theory believe is directed at Arya Stark. If proven correct, that means Snow was willing (in that moment) to sacrifice his life in order to keep hers in good standing. What do you make of the theory, comment below?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images