Game Of Thrones buzz is reaching a feverish pitch. With the official season premiere screening having taken place last night, once again reuniting cast members past and present, the finality of Thrones' concluding run has begun to set it. Despite having a reputation for the wanton slaughter of its characters, in truth, it's somewhat of a misconception. In reality, there are plenty of fan favorites in play for the upcoming season, which makes the possibilities of their death all the more tragic. 

Clearly, HBO is relishing in the opportunity, taking the "anybody can get it" mentality up a notch. Case in point, the latest poster for season 8, which continues to foreshadow the upcoming battle between the living and the dead. On this latest one, the Iron Throne is reconstructed through the corpses of various characters, including Jaime Lannister, Brienne, Arya, Jon, The Night King, Bran, Melisandre, and more. Whether there are subtle clues planted within is anybody's guess, but as the series makes a point of reiterating: "all men must die."

Check out the poster below, and keep an eye out for Game Of Thrones season 8, set to premiere on Sunday, April 14th.