Only a little less than a fortnight remains until the triumphant return of HBO's Game Of Thrones. And while footage has been scarce since the arrival of the epic debut trailer, a pair of new promos have delivered a brief glimpse at some new scenes - and as any Thrones fiend can attest, mere seconds are good enough. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Though the teasers were not officially shared online, a few Twitter users captured them below. For the most part, they're both made up of footage from the original trailer, though a few new shots are included. For one, we get a new look at Beric Dondarrion in action, wielding his flaming sword; it's safe to say that he, Arya, Jon Snow, and The Hound are all included in a fiery battle at some point. There's also a clip of Tyrion Lannister speaking at a council of sorts - a betting man might suggest he's speaking in defense of his brother Jaime, who appeared in a similar setting during the OG trailer.

Check out the footage below, and see for yourself. Are you excited for that new Game Of Thrones season?