G-Herbo Drops The Hilarious Video For "I Like"

Aron A.
September 04, 2017 19:16

G-Herbo drops the video for "I Like" off of "Humble Beast."

August was a solid month for any G-Herbo fan. It feels like every week, we've received some sort of new music or video from the rapper in anticipation of his album Humble Beast. We got the first single "I Like" a few weeks back and now, the song finally comes through with a video.

"I Like" is probably one of the more humorous tracks by G-Herbo. He still kicks some hard bars and maintains everything we've come to appreciate from him but it was a different side. He pretty much gives us a solid description of his turn-on's and turn-off's when it comes to women but makes it pretty hilarious. He uses the stereotypical labels for women to play with the idea of what he likes. For instance, at one point he's eating breakfast while a girl twerks around him.

He has another scene with a girl that looks like she could be a stunt-double for a Kardashian or Jenner. While he raps "Ion' want that stupid bitch, boogie stay basic shit/ All that makeup shit, man I hate that shit/ Why yo' eyebrows fake? Bitch erase that shit," he and the girl continue to fight for space in front of the camera while he raps and she continues to apply her face.

It's a pretty hilarious video that matches up to an equally funny song. The video has traces of old Eminem videos from the early 2000's. It's definitely a 180 from "Legend." A broader side of his personality is coming out with this video which is a promising look for his upcoming project.

With Humble Beast having a solidified release date, we're sure we'll be getting more visuals from G-Herbo in the coming weeks. "I Like" is a whole new side of G-Herbo. While he continues to make anthems for the streets, "I Like" shows a different side of him that we hope to see more often. 

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