Like the clown in The Sims that won't leave unless you burn its painting to the ground, Ja Rule & Billy McFarland's Fyre Festival continues to extend its toxic and depressing reach. It goes without saying that Fyre Festival was a mere shell of a legitimate festival, and its myriad shortcomings are well documented. Still, it seems as if new developments occur with each passing day, and some are too good to pass up. 

A recent expose piece penned by the New York Times revealed one of Fyre Festival's more interactive packages, as offered by founder Billy McFarland: 

Ja Rule is working on a new song and can mention your name, nickname, company name, etc in the upcoming hit single for $450,” Mr. McFarland texted last year. “5 Spots. LMK!”

While certainly tempting, it stands to reason that the offer probably went the way of the festival itself. It's truly crazy just how derailed this thing went. Employees haven't been paid, lawsuits have been piling up, and headliner Blink-182 is still trying to get some of their gear from customs. It's just the latest revelation from the Fyre Festival, which has proven to be a gift that keeps on giving.

At least, for those wise enough to have steered clear.