Future has steadily been growing his buzz over the past year, and it's looking like 2013 will be a big year for the auto-tune-loving rapper. He just released his mixtape highlighting his Free Band Gang crew members, The Movie, which he says in a recent interview with Karen Civil was just an appetizer. Hopefully it does the job as fans are still waiting on his double disc mixtape as well as his album Future Hendrix.

One of the singles that leaked early off The Movie was the Drake-assisted "For Real." Although the record was pretty standard for Future, it received some backlash on the blogosphere. While talking to Karen, she asks Future his thoughts on the negativity, however the ATLien says he wasn't even aware of any negative comments. "I ain't even know," Future responded, "I don't ever read comments, no blogs. I got people around me that do that all the time and they don't tell me 'cause they know I don't like to hear about it. That's where I'm here where I'm at right now, 'cause I never payed attention to what anybody else say, 'cause they only words, they only comments. I know the reasons I'm doing certain things, those are taste records."

This isn't the first time we've heard a collaboration between Drizzy and Future, and chances are we'll be hearing more in the future. However what are the chances we get an entire EP or mixtape-worth of songs from the two singing-rappers? "When we in the studio we be in the zone. Like me and dude be in a super zone, we be on the same page. He could turn on the beat and be like damn I was thinkin that. We find ways to build from it. It's just finding the time to try to make it happen, to squeeze it in there."

We'll have to wait and see if the duo ever find the time.

Check out Future's interview with Civil TV below.