After dropping his successful debut album, Future has not taken his foot off the gas. He has an upcoming mixtape The Movie which will showcase the members of his Freebandz label mates, and his pending double mixtape, plus his upcoming sophomore album Future Hendrix. Talking about his next studio effort, the ATL rapper says he has some huge features like Kanye West, Drake. He also talks about the meaning of the album title and the influence Jimi Hendrix had on him.

Naming some features, the Dungeon Family affiliate also named some big names in R&B including Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Jeremih.  He says working with Kanye is great because the producer allows artists to experiment, which is what Future's sound is all about, “I love the way Kanye work because he’ll allow you to be you and try new things...I believe that’s how music should be done."

Discussing recording with Drizzy, the Pluto rapper says they click in the studio and just naturally create great music together effortlessly, "Me and Drake got great music coming out. [With] the chemistry that we have we just feed off each other. We’ll come up with it by the second. We come up with hits easy. We ain’t been around each other that many times. We probably been in the studio three, four times but every time we go in the studio we come out with magic, easy.”

The title of the album borrows its name from legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, and Future draws comparisons between himself and the rock legend not so much musically, but that they are both outsiders, “He played the guitar, I’m a street dude. I’m from the hood. But at the end of the day I understand that being from the hood that I’m different." He went onto add that Hendrix's race and the music he made is what set him apart, "Jimi Hendrix what he did he stood out for the music that he made from the days he came out. Being a black dude and you making rock n’ roll music when he wasn’t even accepted.”

Future's Freebandz collaborative mixtape The Movie is slated to drop January 13th.

[Via HHDX]