Once this whole pandemic is over and done with, the Internet will have collected our thoughts, comments, and concerns surrounding coronavirus but the cultural impact of all of this will be immortalized by the amount of coronavirus-themed music dropping. Rappers have made many mentions of the self-isolation process or quarantine in general, not to mention the "flow sicker than corona" that we've heard from rappers whose flows are probably more accurately compared to allergies -- annoying. 

Young Thug, Gunna, and Turbo, however, did make some magic with their corona-themed banger, "Quarantine Clean." Maybe it's the only track that's been released during the pandemic that can truly stand the test of time. Partially due to the fact that coronavirus barely comes up on the track, it does seem to be uplifting everyone's spirit surrounding keeping clean, both literally and metaphorically.

Future hit the 'Gram where he revealed a mountain of new Nikes and Yeezys that he scooped up for the family to promote staying, "Quarantine Clean."

"My kids and nephews need new shoes to play in," he wrote on the post. "Stay Quarantine Clean."

In related news, the rapper recently revealed that his next album will also share the title of his latest single, "Life Is Good." Though it's unclear when we could expect it to drop, we wouldn't be complaining if he dropped it in the midst of the pandemic.