If you weren't aware how Funk Flex felt about Jay Z's website, well, you are about to be made acutely aware. The Hot 97 radio DJ went on a rant against Jay Z, more specifically, his "Life + Times" website, while doing his nightly thing on Hot 97 last night. This morning he's made the rant available to stream via his Soundcloud.

If you are able to make it through the entire rant, which is punctuated with an incessant amount of bombs, you can listen to it in full below. If you don't want to wade through all the bombs, we'll break it down for you.

In leading up to what sparked this rant, Flex details that a couple of years ago he was interviewed about his DJ Funk Flex app by Life + Times, and while they asked a lot of questions about the creation of the app, these questions didn't end up in the final interview, instead, they used that information to create their own app (according to Flex). He took this in stride. Kinda.

Fast forward to present day, and Funk gets another e-mail from L+T to do an interview about his involvement in the upcoming Dipset mixtape (p.s. in addition to using bombs as punctuation throughout the rant, he also punctuates with saying that their site is "trash"). He says, "you KNOW my involvement." He added, "I don't understand how someone from that site can ask me my involvement in the Dipset reunion, but when I used to go out to the 40/40 I was told not to play any Dipset records. I'm so confused."

He also says, "The site is trash, a bunch of dumb big pictures and no numbers. Y'all can't move with me in this digital space." And later, "You wanna know how we movin', and what's the next move, I know it, I'm not stupid. Y'all played me with the app already and I figured that out. But I let y'all slide and you took what I said for 'I'm soft', that's why I'm dealing with you today."

Full rant can be streamed below, and it starts at the 10:27 mark.

[Update: Flex Instagrams Text From Jay]

After Funkmaster Flex let loose both this extended rant and a Jay Z-dissing Dipset freestyle yesterday, it appears that Jay was not happy about all of it. Flex has Instagrammed a picture of a text (allegedly from Jay) saying "This is HOV." Also alleging that Jay had been calling him on private for hours beforehand, Flex could be messing with us to drum up more drama, but the jury's out on that for the moment. Jay does seem like the type to go direct to the source of the beef rather than slandering Flex over social media though.