French Montana has been under fire for the many pushbacks he's given his debut album, Excuse My French. This, combined with French's love of features, has left critics questioning the quality of his LP. However, the rapper isn't apologetic or worried.

While talking to MTV News about his Bad Boy debut, the rapper said confidently, "I don't understand what people want me to say. I know my work. I know that I'm the hottest in the game with no album out. Let's get that clear."

He continued to compare himself to Muhammad Ali, "When Muhammad Ali stepped in the ring, he knew what he was doing. I feel like [I'm just] breathing a breath of fresh air in the game, just bringing a different sound," he said. "Every time I play [the album] for anybody, they love it."

He added, "I make ignorant music. I grew up in an ignorant generation, so that's what they wanna hear now, the 'Ocho Cincos' — they know everything word by word."

French also explained the album's most recent delay, saying it had to do with a single change-up. "The pushback is 'cause I switched the single," he said. "There was another single with Puff and Jeremih, but me and Nicki had this other song, so I just switched it. Then with clearances [there was a delay] wasn't about the album; it was about me switching the single."

You'll be able to cop Excuse My French on May 21st.