Is your SoundCloud popping? If you think it is, here's a test: upload a blank, empty playlist and see how much love it gets. If you're Frank Ocean, it'll rack up around 5,000 likes in 13 hours.

Yesterday, the Channel Orange singer created an empty playlist called "states" on his account, and although shared with no details or actual media, the amount of likes it's gotten is a testament to how much we're all anticipating new music from him. 

Based on a Tumblr post Ocean shared in April, people have speculated that his new album will arrive this summer and be titled Boys Don't Cry, although that's also the name of a new magazine he's putting out, so it's unclear. Yesterday, we got a little more concrete details on the project, as a French collaborator revealed that Ocean had recorded the project at Abbey Road with assistance from Rick Rubin

When will we hear new Frank Ocean music? Only time will tell.