Frank Ocean was pulled over in California and briefly detained by police when he was stopped for speeding and a search found marijuana in the vehicle. 

Driving a black BMW with heavily tinted windows, the OF crooner was pulled over for going approximately 90mph in a 65mph zone as reported by TMZ.  When the officer approached the vehicle they noticed the smell of weed and searched the car. 

On top of the speeding and weed possession, the channel ORANGE singer was cited for driving with an expired license, and having his windows too heavily tinted. 

Initially reports ran wild on the internet that Ocean was detained because of his sexual orientation, but later reports disproved that.    He was released on the spot, and the passenger was allowed to drive them home. 

[Update: Frank Ocean Tweets about smoking weed]

Ocean took to Twitter to come clean about the incident where he was pulled over for speeding and cited for marijuana possession.  

He simply tweeted about having weed, "hi guys, i smoke pot. ok guys, bye." and in regards to the speeding ticket, "hi guys, i drive a m3. that bitch fast..ok guys, bye.:)"