Halloween is right around the corner, and Fortnite is welcoming in the spooky season with their new season. Everyone's favorite dress-up and party holiday will be welcomed into the digital battleground. The sixth season of the popular game is kicking off, and Epic Games dropped a Halloween themed trailer to announce the new changes. Dubbed "Darkness Rises," season six introduces new villains, environments, and objectives. 

Season six of Fortnite introduces the Wailing Woods, a floating Haunted Castle, and Shadow Stones. The latter appears to be some type of consumable item that was created by the rolling cube from last season. The cube has left areas of the map corrupted, prompting a haunting renovation and the creation of the new Stones.

Among the new features are pets. "Level up your Battle Pass to unlock Bonesy, Scales, and Camo, new critters that will join you on your journey across the map," wrote Epic Games. "These passive companions are always by your side, reacting to different situations you find yourself in." This season's battle pass owners get two new skins, Calamity and DJ Yonder. There are also a number of other Halloween costume skills that can be earned in different ways throughout the season.