Fortnite has a sizeable following of dedicated fans who have immersed themselves within the game's unique narrative. However, errors in the game's security system has afforded some cunning sleuths the opportunity to hack into the their servers and wreak havoc.

Users began to notice how their accounts received some fraudulent charges for transactions they were not involved in. For example, a player by the name of Tyler has specifically detailed his experiences with this online heist. He was first notified of any wrongdoing after having been asked by a friend whether he had purchased the Fortnite base game Save the World. Tyler denies ever having paid for this secondary title or even logged onto his account for 24 hours prior to this mishap; shortly afterwards, he began to receive email receipts for purchases he did not make. 

Tyler has revealed that his account password has not changed, which has left him wondering how any hackers were able to seize control over his profile in the first place. 

Over the last few weeks, dozens of other confused players have been coming forward with similar cases, taking to Reddit and Epic Games' forums to reveal how their accounts have also been compromised. 

Epic Games has issued a statement detailing how they "are aware of instances where users’ accounts have been compromised using well-known hacking techniques and are working to resolve these issues directly with those players affected. Any players who believe their account has been compromised should reach out to our player support immediately."

The company has recently installed a two-factor authentication when logging in to ensure extra security and avoid future mishaps.