We're officially one month out from the August 26th showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which probably won't live up to the hype but the pre-fight build up promises to be legendary.

That includes the very moments right before the fight when both fighters make their entrance and walk out to the ring with their respective entourages. 

According to "Love & Hip Hop" star, Jason Lee, who is a member of TMT, Floyd's camp will be reaching out to Conor McGregor's bitter UFC rival, Nate Diaz, to be by his side when he walks to the ring.

Lee told TMZ,

"Listen, I don’t know, but I’m from Stockton, California and I was just in London with Floyd when the whole shit went down with Conor," Lee said. "And I’m gonna make a call to Nate Diaz. I would love to see him walk out with Floyd."

Mayweather called out McGregor multiple times during their four-stop international press tour for being a "quitter" and tapping out to Nate Diaz, so it would be fitting if he actually had Diaz walk him out to the ring on August 26th.

Check out Jason Lee's comments below.