Prominent boxer and former world champion Floyd Mayweather is slated to make his MMA debut in an upcoming battle against Tenshin Nasukawa, a young Japanese kickboxing phenom. 

Fans of Mayweather's and members of the Money Team will recognize the event as a turning point for the boxer who has ordinarily competed in competitions utilizing traditional boxing rules. It is unclear what rules be in place when Mayweather and the undefeated Nasukawa enter the ring, but Mayweather has indicated that he is in the midst of determining this with the promotion company, Rizin FF. Rizin's president Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced that the fight is likely to occur using “special rules.” The weight for the contest, however, has yet to be determined. 

Speaking about the event at a press conference, Mayweather said, ”I want to continue to build my relationship with Money Team Tokyo. I want to continue coming over here and bringing other fighters over here so my company can continue to grow and Rizin can continue to grow. I would love to continue to work with Rizin because Rizin is an unbelievable company, and my company, we’ve been making some huge fights happen in the U.S., but we look forward to taking the Mayweather Promotions banner and the TMT banner worldwide.”

Will you be watching?