Flatbush Zombies - Get Yours Feat. Diamante

  April 04, 2014 16:56
Get Yours
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Flatbush Zombies continue their "Day of the Dead" series with the track "Get Yours," featuring Diamante

Flatbush Zombies brings us their next installment of the appropriately titled "Day of the Dead" series with the brand new, "Get Yours," featuring Diamante on the track.

This song shows off a more thoughtful, remorseful tone for the usually sinister (but always utterly fantastic) Flatbush crew. The production from Erik Ark Elliot is fantastic as usual and Diante brings something great to the track. 

Check out their first "Day of the Dead" offering, the ironically titled "Don't Do Drugs Kids." Keep an eye out for the upcoming Flatbush Zombies project, the ItsAllAMatterOfPerspective EP. 

Quotable Lyrics:

I was born this way
This has been more than a scheme
Oh lord, I've done put my work in
Word out to my nigga, Akiem

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