Fivio Foreign and Pop Smoke came up at around the same time, and they were both there for one another when they started seeing flashes of success. As the two biggest names in the resurgence of Brooklyn drill, Fivio and Pop built a strong friendship, working together a number of times in the studio. During his latest interview with Montreality, Fivio spoke about the bond he had with Pop, describing the rapper as a "real loving demon."

"Pop [Smoke] was like a real demon, right? But he was like a loving demon, right, 'cause he a Cancer," explains the "Off The Grid" rapper before unpacking some tensions they had. "One time, we had an argument. He was mad at me and then I ain't realized it but I realize it now because I understand Cancers more. He was like, 'Yo, I always show you love. I love you, I fuck with you, I've been shouting you out in all the interviews. But you don't ever be showing me no love.' So, in my mind, I'm like, 'You buggin'. I always show you love on all my shits', 'cause I was with him all the time. When he got signed, I was in Def Jam walking around Universal with him. I was with him and I always mention that in my interviews. I understand how people are now and he's like, 'I go above and beyond, like not normal.' And then I realized, but I realized that before he died too. He was like a real loving demon."

Elsewhere during the interview, Fivio also speaks about his realest song, what he thinks the future will be like, and more. Watch it below, and fast-forward to the 5:35 mark to hear his comments about Pop Smoke.