A Federal judge has ruled against the possibility of a do-over in the controversial Saints playoff ending in a Los Angeles Rams trip to the Super Bowl. The plaintiffs in the case were hoping to force a full or partial do-over of the January 20th playoff game that went to overtime. But even with evidence supporting a blown "no-call," U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan rejected the notion that "two fans" were entitled to such an embargo.

Before they were flatly rejected at the gate, the two season Saints fans were seeking what is called a "writ of mandamus," a special clause that forces the governing body to take immediate action. In this instance, that would be NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "None of the actions Plaintiffs might seek to compel Commissioner Roger Goodell to do are the kinds of actions a writ of mandamus may address," Judge Susie Morgan read aloud, from a 17-page booklet which detailed the circumstances which call for a "writ of mandamus."

Morgan would also lambast the two plaintiffs for dragging their tedious fan rage to a high branch of the judicial system. Interestingly enough, she isn't the only watchdog with another thing coming; at least 2 other "do-over" lawsuits are pending in the State of Louisiana as of this writing.