Beef, or at least, legal issues, appear to be brewing between two Atlanta upstarts, Father and Key! Both artists rose to prominence last year, alongside ILoveMakonnen, off the strength of their collaboration "Look At Wrist." Key! was one of the founding members of Two-9, although he parted ways with the collective before they signed with Mike WiLL Made It. Father is part of the underground yet buzzing Awful Records.

While the catchy "Wrist" anthem brought each artist a slice of the (fame) pie, it looks like things are turning sour when it comes to royalties. It's not altogether clear, but Father took to twitter to "air out" some things about his rapping partner and his partner's manager.

First, Father called out both Key! and Kei Diddy (Key!'s manager) for being "fake fucks," alleging they were asking for money. He followed that up by saying he was being sued.

"Hey @keiopensdoors and @FATMANKEY fuck both of u and fuck Wrist. If u want some $$$ I'll put it in your fuckin hands myself. Fake fucks," he tweeted, adding, "Sue me. How the fuck dare you?"

This elicited a response from Kei Diddy who said, "@father I'm fake cuz my client is due what he provided a service for? you have my number, I'm 30 yrs old Bruh," to which Father replied, "nah I ain't got urs. u got my number, my manager number and my lawyer number."

"I have so much love for @FATMANKEY, your beef wit these suits not me @keiopensdoors," he continued. "Fuck that, u couldn't talk to me in person so I'm gonna air it out." Even Jace, from the Two-9 collective, got in on things, in a more "I told you so" subliminal manner, he tweeted, "told you these nigga flaw. they weak. the chinks in they armor showing." Although it wasn't directed at Father, he took it that way, warning Jace to mind his own business.

Key!, on his part, appears to be oblivious to any money-related issues. "I don't even know how sue nobody. Lol this shit funny as hell. But watch," he said on twitter.

Take a look at the back-and-forth below. We'll keep you posted as things transgress.