Famous Dex Gets Trippy In His Video For "I'm High"

Aron A.
September 04, 2017 20:33

Famous Dex gets wavy in his latest video.

Famous Dex has had a pretty solid run this year for the most part. He's been steady dropping music consistently and has had a lot of talk surrounding his name. Today, he drops his new video for his song "I'm High."

Famous Dex is known for his drug use and has never been shy about it in his past. He's constantly making references to lean, xanax, percs and pretty much anything else that falls in that category. This video highlights everything he loves in getting high. "I'm High" is a smooth song that has Famous Dex getting his singing on. It's an interesting song in the sense that he draws you into the high and describes his feelings well. With the auto-tune laced vocals, you get deeper into his high with him.

The video has Famous Dex smoking and drinking at night with his shorty, flexing his drugs and his drug usage. He's seen throughout the video, popping pills, sipping lean and smoking. In all honesty, he looks so high in the video it's pretty surprising at how functional he is at that point. The average person would likely not be able to move with that many substances in him however, Famous Dex still managed to create a solid video.

The video was directed by @LewisYouNasty. He's done a lot of work for Famous Dex in the past and it shows in this video that both Dex and Lewis have a great working relationship. Lewis does a great job at capturing Famous Dex's charisma. He also does an exceptional job at the post-edits. All of the color changes and the animation really brings out the song itself. The song isn't complex and neither is the video, nor did they need to be. Lewis takes the vibe that Dex created on the song and brought it to life with the video. 

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