Tech N9ne is making big moves, and he hasn't had help from any commercial cats. The Kansas City rapper has been grinding since the 90s, and it seems that hard work does really pay off. He was on Billboard's Power 30 list the year, and released his twelfth studio album, Welcome to Strangeland, almost a year ago, which landed at #26 on Billboard's 200. His most recent release was an EP called E.B.A.H. 

HNHH chopped it up with the Technician leader recently, and got word on the idea behind his EP title, his take on being on Billboard's Power 30 list, what he's planning to be for Halloween and more. 

On the title of E.B.A.H. (Evil Brain, Angel Heart), Tech says it's pretty straight-forward, “It's just a word, that best describes my persona. Back in the day it was “Anghellic,” then it was “All 6's and 7's”, and now I found a name for it, E.B.A.H.

Tech describes being on Billboard's Power 30 list was as a beautiful thing: “It's a beautiful thing, because we're independent and we use our own money, me and Travis Oguoin. To see all our work and all our dreams come to fruition, it's a beautiful thing to see Jay-Z and Tech N9ne and then Rick Ross and then Russel Simmons, it means I'm doing something good and right.”

We may not get a full length album from the rapper in 2012, but another EP is on the way: “Well, well, it's like this, it's gunna be another EP, and it's gunna be darker, and it's probably gunna be on Halloween.” Tech N9ne revealed following our interview that his next EP, Boiling Point, is actually dropping the day before Halloween. He revealed the artwork for it, which you can check out here.

Want to know what he'll be for Halloween? Watch our full interview below.