When it comes to baseball, ESPN's MLB baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian is among the most knowledgeable people on the planet. But when it comes to anything music related, he's apparently on the completely other end of the spectrum.

During the Chicago Cubs vs Miami Marlins season opener yesterday, Kurkjian was in the booth for the ESPN broadcast and he revealed just how bad he is with music.

After discussing the time he met Pitbull, who greeted him "with this complicated handshake," Kurkjian went on to explain some of his other musical shortcomings, including how he thought Lynyrd Synyrd was a guy, not a band, and how "for a very short time" he wasn't sure if Kanye West as a man or a woman. 

“I thought Lynyrd Skynyrd was a guy. I thought his name was Len. I didn’t know it was a band. I thought Jethro Tull was a guy instead of a band, and — this is really bad — for a very short time in my life, I wasn’t sure if Kanye West was a man or a woman. That’s how bad I am with music.”