At the end of last week, Black Eyed Peas made a return with their new music video for "Yesterday." As opposed to the pop-leaning music they were making at the height of their popularity (with Fergie), this new song didn't feature Fergie at all and returned to their hip-hop roots.

The group referenced plenty of classic hip-hop records not only in their visuals, where BEP imposed themselves onto many rap vinyls, but with the production, which sampled a plethora of old school records. They were definitely making a statement with their comeback, however, as Erykah Badu has pointed out, she may have already made that statement.

Ms. Badu took to her Facebook page to point out the similarities between the visual she directed for "Honey" and the Black Eyed Peas' "Yesterday"-- both of which feature the artist face imposed on to various vinyls, which are being rifled through out at a record store. Nonetheless she wasn't malicious about it, she said she was "flattered" and called the video "cute." 

"I think
THE BLACK EYES PEAS borrowed my idea a Lil lol ...
I'm gone beat up Will I AM.

I wrote and directed this joint. Won best director @ VMA's.. So I understand,
Pasha Shapiro.. Flattered.

Cute video non the less."

See the full post below. Are you excited for the Black Eyed Peas return?

I think THE BLACK EYES PEAS borrowed my idea a Lil lol ...I'm gone beat up Will I AM.I wrote and directed this...

Posted by Erykah Badu on Sunday, July 19, 2015