The National sentiment in England has never been stronger. The National Team's spirited run at the World Cup has provided a burst of energy for everyday laymen and women. The battle cry "Bring it Home" has become a household name or expression. As witnessed by the tragic downfall of the Brazilian squad at this year's World Cup, sometimes the weight of expectation is impossible to shake, no more than in England, the country that gave the world soccer.

This afternoon a good number of England players "showed up" playing at their best, namely goalkeeper who was voted by many observers as a possible "man of the match" candidate. Defender Harry Maguire got England on the board with a well-executed header. You could argue Maguire won the majority of the aerial challenges against Swedish opposition.

Sweden, a competitive side no matter the opposition, posed a veritable threat until the 58th minute when Dele Alli tucked in a sweeping cross along the far post of the netminder. England was then able to ride their insurance marker to the final whistle, thereby qualifying for the World Cup semis for the first time in 28 years. The victory was also beneficial to ex-England captain David Beckham, who won himself dinner thanks to a friendly wager with Swedish soccer legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic.