Vaccination has become a hot-button issue in the NBA as of late due to the fact that there are still some high-profile players out there who don't want to get the jab. Among those players are Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Isaac, who seem to be the most outspoken about the vaccine. Kyrie's aunt recently told Matt Sullivan of Rolling Stone that the Nets star is looking to skirt the rules, while Isaac is against the vaccine for religious purposes.

Andrew Wiggins is also looking for a religious exemption although that was ultimately denied recently. In Sullivan's report, Enes Kanter spoke about the players who want a religious exemption and how they are ultimately being selfish. As Kanter said, those who are religious should want to save lives instead of endangering them.

Enes Kanter

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“If a guy’s not getting vaccinated because of his religion, I feel like we are in a time where the religion and science has to go together," Kanter said. "I’ve talked to a lot of religious guys – I’m like: ‘It saves people’s lives, so what is more important than that?”

Despite Kanter's best efforts to educate people, there is still a large percentage of people out there who have made up their minds, and it is unlikely they will ever change their opinion. The vaccine continues to be a polarizing topic, and with the NBA season starting in a month, it will only get more complicated.

Enes Kanter

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