Yesterday, a massive report from Matt Sullivan of Rolling Stone was bestowed on the NBA world, and it contained some pretty interesting information. The biggest part of the report centered around Kyrie Irving and the anti-vaccine beliefs that could very well keep him out of the Brooklyn Nets lineup. If Kyrie isn't vaccinated, he won't be allowed to play in Brooklyn, and as his aunt explained, he is going to do everything possible to skirt around the rules.

Kyrie isn't the only player who feels this way as it was revealed that Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic is also unvaccinated. Isaac is outspoken about it all as he noted that he has been studying black history and Trump speeches to get a better sense of why the vaccine isn't for him.

Jonathan Isaac

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“You can play on the same court. We can touch the same ball. We can bump chests. We can do all those things on the court. And then when it comes to being on the bus, we have to be in different parts of the bus? To me, it doesn’t seem logically consistent," Isaac said. “If you are vaccinated, in other places you still have to wear the mask regardless. It’s like, ‘OK, then what is the mask necessarily for?' And if Kyrie says that from his position of his executive power in the NBPA, then kudos to him.”

Isaac and Kyrie seem to be the most prominent anti-vaxx players in the league right now, although 90 percent of the players are, indeed, vaccinated. This past week, a story came out about Andrew Wiggins, who wanted a religious exemption to skirt the vaccine rules, although he was ultimately denied.

This is going to be an interesting story to watch as the season inches closer, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest details.

Jonathan Isaac

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